Cute Kittens

Because we all love them.

NOELLE – the original

IMG_2891Noelle, also known as the nicest cat in the world, was adopted in 2006 NoelleGIFfrom Stray Cat Blues. For some (stupid) reason, her first two families returned her to the shelter and she became very shy because of all the changes (cats like routine, people!). Since then, she has made huge progress and she doesn’t hide anymore. Noelle is a food and cupcake lover. She has won a Pusheen contest and got a custom gif drawn by artist Claire Belton as her prize!


MINNIE – the younger, fluffier sister

minnie - Copy

Minnie was adopted in 2012, as a little kitten. She is a small cat for her age and she’s very lean for the amount of food she likes eating – we are still trying to figure out how she maintains her weight. Minnie loves watching birdies with her mama, and she gets really “puffy” in the winter.